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The All New Choco Hero

Century Pacific expands its Dairy portfolio; Launching a new chocolate malt beverage, ‘Choco Hero’

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Century Pacific Food, Inc. (PSE:CNPF), one of the leading food and beverage companies in the Philippines, expands its Dairy portfolio, entering the chocolate malt segment with a new brand called ‘Choco Hero’.

‘Choco Hero’ is a choco malt milk drink for kids, full of vitamins and minerals that boost strength, mental alertness, and energy.

Christopher Po, CNPF’s Executive Chairman said, “We see a lot of opportunities in driving innovation in the dairy space. Milk is a prime source of nutrition, yet the Philippines’ per capita consumption of milk is less than 10% than that of more developed countries.”

CNPF is one of the major players in the Philippine dairy market, playing in both beverage and culinary spaces. Its flagship brand, Birch Tree Fortified, focuses on affordable dairy nutritionals by providing immunity-boosting vitamins and minerals. The Choco Hero brand, on the other hand, plays in the energy-boosting space as a choco malt milk drink.

Pyrus dela Cruz, CNPF’s Vice President and General Manager for Milk, said, “Accessibility is still one of the biggest challenges for this category, especially nowadays. Our consumers have been in this pandemic for two years. It’s imperative for key players to make dairy products more affordable.”

‘Choco Hero’ is now available in leading supermarkets and sari-sari stores nationwide. It comes in family-size and single servings, with a starting price of only P5.00. This is CNPF’s most affordable product yet.

The launch of ‘Choco Hero’ is the latest among CNPF’s recent string of innovations, coming at the heels of the Company’s forays into emerging categories such as pet food and plant-based alternatives.

Christopher Po, CNPF’s Executive Chairman said, “Developing relevant innovations, especially for our emerging businesses, is central to our growth strategy. It is important that we build these new pillars to continuously diversify our revenue streams and, ultimately, future-proof our company.”