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Maintaining open communications and credibility with various stakeholders is a priority of Century Pacific Food, Inc. (CNPF).

How we engage?

The primary objectives of Century Pacific Food’s Investor Relations (IR) team are:

  • To build a full and fair valuation of the securities’ price, in order to reduce cost of capital and create value for our stakeholders
  • To ensure continued access to capital markets, in order to provide the necessary support for long-term growth

The IR team meets their objectives through various activities that revolve around:

  • Facilitating effective two-way communication between the team and the financial community, and
  • Building confidence in the company’s strategic plans and gaining trust in the management teams’ ability to execute them

Primary Activities

  • Meetings with current and potential investors
  • Conference calls on quarterly financial results
  • Attainment of sell-side coverage from brokerages
  • Non-deal roadshows to key financial market centers
  • Press releases
  • Selected manufacturing site visits
  • Corporate website
    Glossy annual report
  • Welcoming annual general meeting

The IR team is the financial market’s main point of contact.

We provide the appropriate information to investors and analysts in a manner that is timely and easy to understand. Said communication program is meant to be clear and consistent, focusing on the key metrics that drive business performance. We facilitate as well all required disclosures to the regulatory authorities, primarily the Philippine Stock Exchange and the Securities and Exchange Commission.

As a trusted source of information, we also free up C-suite time, allowing senior executives greater flexibility to focus on operating and building the business.

The primary subject of IR communication is the company’s ability to create shareholder value.

We focus primarily on conveying management’s long-term vision, and the interim key milestones necessary to achieve these goals.

Through this exercise, we hope to build the trust and confidence of long-term shareholders, whose objectives most closely align with that of the company’s.

Analysts and investors are also a valuable source feedback on the both the IR program and broader corporate strategy.

We actively engage third parties to comment on the quality of our work, and for views and expectations about the company.

Building these productive relationships with financial market participants provide valuable insights that may help support the company’s fundamentals. We use this information flow as an opportunity to obtain new ideas and identify global practices, analyzing them then sharing these with management team when appropriate.

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