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As a leading food manufacturer in the Philippines, Century Pacific Food was able to redefine the shelf-stable food category by combining the convenience of packaging with the nourishment offered by our marine, meat, milk, coconut, and plant-based products.



Century Pacific Food, Inc.’s tuna enterprise is composed of Century Tuna, 555 Tuna, Blue Bay Tuna, and Fresca Tuna which offer delicious, healthy and superior quality tuna meals everyday. We are consistent in introducing delightful new flavors and variants that every family member can enjoy. Today our brands remain household favorites, making CNPF the first name in tuna.

It takes a state-of-the art canning facility in Southeast Asia to manufacture and market all these leading brands,assuring consumers of cleanliness, efficiency and superior quality. Its location at the heart of the Philippines tuna capital, General Santos City, guarantees the freshness of our fish, as well as quick and efficient delivery of our products to a network of distributors nationwide.


Century Pacific Food Inc.’s sardines business packs value with good taste and quality in the canned sea foods category. Canned sardines, bangus (milkfish), mackerel, and squid are branded 555, Blue Bay, Lucky 7, and Century.

In 1983, responding to the sardine shortage in the country, Century Pacific Food Inc.(CNPF) began producing canned sardines under the 555 name, with a taste profile suited to the Filipino family. Highly visible advertising and marketing strategies pushed 555 Sardines to new heights.

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Century Pacific Food Inc.’s meat brands equate to good quality and affordability: Argentina Corned Beef, 555 Carne Norte, Argentina Meat Loaf, Argentina Beef Loaf, Shanghai Luncheon Meat, and Wow line of prepared meals. These brands have made CNPF the market leader in the canned meat category.

Century Pacific Food Inc.(CNPF) came at a time when prohibitively expensive canned goods filled the supermarket shelves. Local canned meat was sold at small 150-gram sizes. CNPF introduced Argentina Corned Beef: premium corned beef with longer strands, packed in 175-gram cans, sold at a very affordable price. This allowed CNPF to elevate the standard of local canned meat, and made it affordable to the average consumer as well. The growth of the Argentina brand was phenomenal, becoming number one in less than a year after its launch.

Century Pacific Food, Inc.(CNPF) brands are canned in highly automated facilities in LIIP, Mamplasan, Laguna, that ensure manufacturing efficiency and excellent product quality.


In 2001, Century Pacific Food Inc.(CNPF) expanded into the canned milk market via the liquid milk and powdered milk brands that include Angel Evaporada, Angel Filled Milk, Angel Condensada, Birch Tree Filled Milk, and Birch Tree Powdered Milk.

Angel quickly became a household name as a value-for-money brand. Sales flew and quickly landed Angel in the top three in its category.

After the success of Angel, Birch Tree, known as “everybody`s milk” in the 1980`s to the early 1990`s was relaunched. Later on, the Birch Tree Evaporated Filled Milk was also introduced. Angel and Birch Tree are processed in a manufacturing facility in Bagumbayan, Taguig City. The facility adheres to strictest product quality prescription and operating efficiency standards.


Century Pacific Food, Inc. (CNPF) distinguishes itself as a world-class manufacturer of locally sourced coconut products, having attained multiple certifications. By leveraging our manufacturing, marketing, and distribution know-how, CNPF entered the domestic coconut market with its Coco Mama brand. Coco Mama partners the taste and quality of freshly pressed coconut cream with the convenience of shelf-stable packaging to provide trouble-free preparation of delicious coconut-based dishes that are frequently prepared across the country.

CNPF manufactures Coco Mama in General Santos City where there is an abundance of coconut plantations. Each product is cut, pressed, and packed on the same day to ensure freshness, a testament to our uncompromising adherence to quality and manufacturing efficiency.


Propelled by our desire to offer healthy and nutritious food and beverage for all, CENTURY PACIFIC FOOD, INC. ventures into the plant-based meat alternative category with the launch of unMEAT. Using our years of experience working with proteins, we’ve made available a range of plant-based meat alternatives that unBELIEVABLY and unDENIABLY look, feel, and taste like meat!

Made with the goodness of non-GMO plant sources and simple ingredients, unMEAT products are:

· Rich in fiber
· A good source of protein
· Cholesterol-free
· Transfat-free
· Egg-free
· Dairy-free

And have no added preservatives!

unMEAT can be enjoyed in many ways as it comes in four delightful variants — burger patties, sausages, giniling and, yes, even nuggets!


Century Pacific Food is a trusted international partner for customers around the world. We produce our own branded products as well as private-label products for sale in international markets.


Century Pacific Food, Inc Global Brands business unit has gone well beyond the boundaries of its home country, the Philippines.

With well-loved brands such as Century Tuna and 555 marine products, Argentina canned and frozen meat, Coco Mama coconut milk, Birch Tree powdered milk, Angel canned milk, and Kamayan condiments, the Global Brands business unit has established shelf presence in thousands of ethnic outlets and mainstream retail chains across 80 countries. The company’s flagship brands are carried by multinational retailers such as Walmart, Safeway and Albertsons in North America, Carrefour and Giant in the Middle East, China and selected European countries, the Dairy Farm Group in Asia Pacific, Woolworths and Coles in the Pacific and the NTUC in Singapore.

With offices established in the USA, China, and Vietnam, it has sustained profitable growth year on year.  Though majority of the products sold are made by CNPF plants in the Philippines, Global Brands brings leading quality canned and frozen meat products in countries where import regulations prove restrictive by co-opting a total of fourteen toll manufacturing facilities worldwide. These toll packers are located in Brazil, the Netherlands, Poland, UAE, Australia  the Middle East and the USA. We also invested in a meat plant in Seattle to serve the frozen meat requirements of the USA and Canada.     


Proud of the quality excellence and goodness for which our brands are known in our home country, we bring these products overseas for the rest of the world to enjoy. From our multi-accredited processing facilities, we export our branded products to continents and territories around the globe. 


Century Pacific Agricultural Ventures Inc. (CPAVI), a subsidiary of Century Pacific Food Inc., is an integrated coconut manufacturer with an awarded and strategic facility located in General Santos, Mindanao, Philippines. Goods that are produced by the company include Coconut Water, Desiccated Coconut, Virgin Coconut Oil, Coconut Milk and Cream and Coconut Flour. Our products are sold across two channels: branded retail and private label. With a complete set of quality certificates, from BRC, HACCP, Organic (Eco-Cert), Halal and Kosher, CPAVI produces only the best Filipino coconut products with world class quality. Committed to a sustainable coconut industry and improving the lives of our farming communities, CPAVI gives back to our coconut farming partners via seedling distribution and micro-financing to cite the least.



Tuna & Sardines

Our line of tuna products allows you to offer foodservice customers a wide range of recipes that are tasty & healthy, giving you the edge to take advantage of the growing health consciousness.


Canned and Frozen

Be creative and choose from a wide array of choices from hotdogs, bacon, ham, corned beef and many more to cater your foodservice needs.


Our dairy products are meant to complement sweet & savoury dishes. Creamy, delicious, affordable—key to recipe suggestions all aimed at increasing customer satisfaction and repeat sales.

Our sauces, dips, and dressings products are produced in the state-of-the-art facility, co-developed with our foodservice customers, by our expert chefs, and food scientists. We guarantee we have the sauces you need that your customers will love.


Century Pacific Food Inc. – Food Service has the capability to develop and customize product, packaging, and labelling, for our institutional clients.