Trusted by many Filipinos for more than 30 years now, 555 stands for value laden benefits namely Sarap and Sulit. 555 is committed to provide budget conscious consumers with high quality but affordable products, thus a constantly satisfying experience with every 555 Sardines, 555 Tuna, 555 Carne Norte, 555 Meat Loaf, and 555 Beef Loaf.


555 TUNA

Sari-saring sarap ng Pinoy-ulam!

555 Tuna`s fiesta of flavors, inspired by a rich bounty of all-time Pinoy favorite dishes makes the perfect ulam for everyone! 

Available in 110g and 155g


555 Tuna Spicy Viands

Available in 155g

555 Tuna Flakes

Available in 155g



555 Sardines is the “Super Ulam Pinoy” because it is rich in calcium for stronger bones, protein for muscle building, lycopene for cancer prevention, iodine and vitamin D.

Available in 155g and 425g


555 Fried Sardines

Level up your meals with the #1 Fried Sardines in the Philippines! Cooked in an exciting blend of select spices and seasonings, for a delectable sardines indulgence.

Available in 155g


555 Spanish Style Sardines

Savor special sardines slow-cooked with select spices to give it that classic blend of Spanish flavors that can be enjoyed every day.

Available in 155g


555 Premium Bottled Sardines

With the finest catch from the sea, packed and filled with select herbs and spices, this bottled goodness is a definite must-try!

Available in 230g


Special Mackerel sauteed in tomato sauce or natural oil blended with spices for a more delectable taste.

Available in 155g and 425g


Adobong Pusit in a can! Made from quality squid and blended with flavorful sauce.

Available in 155g


555 Carne Norte

555 Carne Norte is a good source of protein, deliciously sautéed, tasty and aromatic at an affordable price.

Available in 100g, 150g, 175g and 260g


555 Meat Loaf

Available in 150g

555 Beef Loaf

Available in 150g

We can also customize them for you!

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