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Food Service Write Up


Our line of tuna products allows you to offer foodservice customers a wide range of recipes that are tasty & healthy, giving you the edge to take advantage of the growing health consciousness.


With the finest catch from the sea, packed and filled with select herbs and spices, this bottled goodness is a definite must try.

555 Spanish Style Sardines in Corn Oil
48 x 425 g


Deliciously irresistible. Unmistakably fresh. The sea’s bounty and farm’s harvest make one delightful feast.

Institutional Blue Bay Tuna Flakes line

BB Tuna Flakes in Oil
6 x 1705 g

Institutional Blue Bay Tuna Chunks line

BB Tuna Chunks in Water
6 x 1705 g


Century Tuna is your all time classic healthy meat and delicious indulgence, available in tuna chunks in oil, and water. It has Omega 3 DHA that is good for the heart and mind, low in cholesterol, and has no preservatives.

Institutional Century Tuna Chunks line available in can and pouch.

CT Chunks in Oil 6 x 1705 g
CT Chunks in Water 6 x 1705 g
CT Chunks in Oil – Pouch 4 x 3 kg
CT Chunks in Water – Pouch 4 x 3 kg
Tuna Flakes in Brine NEW! 4 x 3 kg


Be creative and choose from a wide array of choices from hotdogs, bacon, ham, corned beef and many more to cater your foodservice needs.


Argentina has been in the market for more than 15 years now and continues to delight you with products that fit their lifestyles.

Argentina Corned Beef
6 x 1.8 kg

Argentina Fresh Corned Beef
2.5 kg


Swift is one of the most trusted brands in the Philippines known for its high quality and great tasting canned meat products that you can enjoy and share together!

Institutional Swift Corned Beef line

Swift Premium Corned Beef
6 x 1.8 kg


Swift uses quality meat products, spices, & manufacturing processes to ensure the best taste accepted internationally.

Institutional Hotdog Packs

Hotdog Premium Jumbo in FS 1 kg
Tuna Cheesedog Jumbo in FS 1 kg
Swift Mighty Meaty Hotdog Jumbo in FS 2.5 kg

Institutional Square Ham Packs available in FS 1kg

Swift Square Sliced Value Ham

Institutional Bacon Packs available in FS 1 kg

Bacon Thick Cut
Bacon Trimmings
Swift FS Delicious Bacon
Swift Value Bacon

Pepperoni in FS 1 kg
Sauteed Beef in  FS 5 kg
Pork Tocino in FS 1 kg


Our dairy products are meant to complement sweet & savoury dishes. Creamy, delicious, affordable—key to recipe suggestions all aimed at increasing customer satisfaction and repeat sales.


Our offering of rich and creamy dairy blends- from culinary liquid milk and creams to powdered non and dairy products, will make for exciting meals, desserts and beverages.

Reconstituted Evaporated Full Cream Milk

Make desserts, beverages and viands more special with Full Cream Milk. It has the rich milky taste that will make any dish yummier.

Available in 48 x 370ml

Milk Mix

Milk blend with a sweet, milky, and creamy rich taste

Available in 48 x 410ml


Dulce de Leche FS

Available in 48 x 380 g

Non-Dairy Creamer

Creamer that makes every sip creamier, richer & smoother.

Available in 1 x 25kg or 12 x 1kg

Sweetened Condensed Filled Milk available in 1 x 13 kg

Sweetened Condensed Creamer available in 1 x 12 kg


Birch Tree Full Cream Milk 
Birch Tree Fortified

Available in 1 x 25kg


Our sauces, dips, and dressings products are produced in the state-of-the-art facility, co-developed with our foodservice customers, by our expert chefs, and food scientists. We guarantee we have the sauces you need that your customers will love.

Institutional Tomato Sauce

Available in 10 x 2 kg


Century Pacific Food Inc. – Food Service has the capability to develop and customize product, packaging, and labelling, for our institutional clients.


We can customize product offerings to suit our client’s requirements and operations (i.e. formulation, mix, ingredients, etc.)


We have available packaging capabilities, both for ambient and frozen products.


Customisation of the product label is also available. We offer co-branding opportunities to help promote your product.