• CNPF targets to end full-year 2020 with revenue and net income growth of approximately 20% each. The Company ended the first nine months of the year with increases of 21% on topline and 26% on bottomline, respectively. It expects growth to remain in double-digit territory for the balance of 2020.

  • For 2021, CNPF aims to revert to its usual growth target of 10 to 15%. The Company expects resilient demand for its core branded products, given their staples nature and positioning as value-for-money and highly trusted names. Growth will likewise be supported by the (i) recovery in its tuna export business, (ii) increased demand for its coconut export business, and (iii) a variety of new product innovations across the Company’s various branded businesses. Lastly, it expects to benefit from reduced one-off operating expenses related to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021 versus 2020.
  • CNPF has taken measures to ensure business continuity, focusing on supply chain management, capacity expansion, production adjustments, and emerging consumer trends.
  • We also make sure to take care of our employees and assist communities in the country’s fight against COVID-19.

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    • Century Pacific Food, Inc. (PSE: CNPF) is one of the Philippines’ largest branded food and beverage companies. It is primarily engaged in the manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of processed marine, meat, milk, coconut, and plant-based products. 
    • With an established track record in brand-building spanning more than 40 years, it has developed a roster of household names which include Century Tuna, Argentina, 555, Angel, and Birch Tree. These brands of the Company hold market leading positions locally and are growing their presence abroad. 
    • Further, the Company also operates as one of the Philippines’ leading providers of private label tuna and coconut products for export overseas.


  • Yes, CNPF owns its brands following the acquisition of Centennial Global Corporation (“CGC”) for USD100 last February 2015.
  • CGC is the corporate vehicle that holds the various brands, trademarks, and related intellectual property including “Century Tuna”, “Argentina”, “555”, “Wow Ulam”, “Birch Tree”, “Fresca”, “Lucky 7”, “Angel Evaporated”, among others.

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  • We regularly allocate CAPEX for plant improvements and maintenance. These include as well streamlining or improving plant efficiencies.
  • Special CAPEX can also be allocated to increase plant capacities based on expected plant usage or expected growth for that business segment. Other special CAPEX projects include those for new processes or products.
  • Our dividend policy is up to 30% of previous year’s net income. The terminology “up to” provides us the flexibility to utilize cash for potential expansion projects.
  • We have historically paid out 24% to 28% of our previous year’s net income.
  • In 2020 and 2021 however, we paid 40% and 33% of previous year’s income, respectively – an elevated amount relative to historical.

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  • During its initial public offering last May 2014, CNPF’s IPO price was Php13.75 per share. Since then a 50% stock dividend has been paid out making the IPO price, adjusted for said stock dividend, Php9.17 per share (computed as Php13.75 divided by 1.5).
  • The stock price of CNPF as of August 10, 2018, was Php15.50. This represents a 69% return since IPO, adjusted for the 50% stock dividend.

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