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Economic Value We Create

We are able to generate a total of PHP 54.7 billion in revenue for 2021, a growth of 13% compared to the year before. This is driven by the strong sales performance of our products.

82% Payment to Suppliers and Other Operating Expenses

Procurement, production and manufacturing costs comprise most of our economic value distribution in 2021 at Php 44.9 billion.

7% Payment to our People

Employee wages, salaries and benefits amounted to Php 3.8 billion, constituting 7% of the economic value we generated.

2% Payments to Government

Taxes paid to the government amounted to Php 1.1 billion.

3% Payment to Providers of Capital

We continued to provide our shareholders a healthy return on capital as we distributed dividends amounting to Php 1.3 billion, while finance costs amounted to Php 0.3 billion.

6% Economic Value Retained

Of the Php 54.7 billion that was generated, 6% was retained by the company to fund operations, growth opportunities, and sustainability initiatives.