In an interview for Bloomberg TV’s Generation Next, CNPF Executive Chairman Christopher Po talks about the Company’s diversification thrust — from the core marine business to emerging categories in its portfolio such as milk and plant-based meat. He outlines the differentiation strategy for unMEAT, and how sustainability will continue to be top of mind among consumers …

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CEO Ted Po speaks about Recent Foray into Plant-Based

In a presentation to the Harvard Business School’s Club of the Philippines, CNPF CEO Ted Po talks about the Company’s plans to make Plant-Based eating accessible to more Filipinos. He likewise shares insights about the Company’s close to 3 decades of experience with soy protein and how it plans to apply 25 years of plant protein technology to …

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Century Pacific 100% Compliant to ISSF Tuna Conservation Measures

We’re honored to be a founding member of the tuna sustainability organization International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF), through our wholly owned subsidiary General Tuna. General Tuna is one of more than 20 seafood companies worldwide participating in ISSF’s tuna conservation measures, maintaining 100% compliance according to the latest Conservation Measures & Commitments Compliance Report here: …

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Century Pacific Participates in Waste-to-Cash program; Allows sari-sari store owners to earn cash from post-consumer plastic

Under what is coined the “Aling Tindera” (roughly translated to “Auntie Seller”) initiative, PCEx incentivizes women-owned sari-sari stores to become collection points for post-consumer plastic waste. Primary among these incentives is increased income opportunity and additional livelihood for these women micro-entrepreneurs.

Century Pacific Food, Shakey’s Pizza – Now ‘Plastic-Neutral’

Two companies under the Century Pacific Group (CPG) are now officially “plastic-neutral”, fulfilling a goal set in 2019 to help manage its post-consumer waste.

Both Century Pacific Food (CNPF) and Shakey’s Pizza Asia Ventures (PIZZA) have marked their first year of being “100 percent plastic-neutral” last January 2020, following a push in 2019 to be “plastic-neutral” by 2020.