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Century Pacific’s plant-based alternatives brand, unMEAT, debuts in the UAE; Gains footprint in over 200 distribution outlets in two months

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Century Pacific Food, Inc. (PSE:CNPF), one of the Philippines’ leading branded food companies, has kickstarted the global roll out of its new plant-based meat alternatives brand, ‘unMEAT’, landing in the United Arab Emirates in June 2021.

‘unMEAT’ is CNPF’s foray into the fast-growing plant-based food category, in response to the rising consumer demand for healthier, better-for-you, and better-for-the-planet products.

The brand was first launched through a partnership with Shakey’s Pizza in 2020. Since then, it has expanded its institutional footprint and entered retail. ‘unMEAT’ is currently available in the biggest supermarket chains in the Philippines.

Gregory Banzon, CNPF’s Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer said, “We are quite thrilled with the global development of ‘unMEAT’. The United Arab Emirates is a promising market for us, with its diverse and progressive population and its strong Filipino community. Over the years, our company, together with our partner distributor, has built an extensive distribution footprint here, and we plan to leverage that network to scale up fast.”

‘unMEAT’ has gained significant traction in the UAE since its arrival in June. As of writing, the brand has gained a store footprint of over 200 outlets, being listed in the country’s top local supermarket and hypermarket chains, such as West Zone, Union Coop, and Almaya Supermarket. ‘unMEAT’ is also available at online retail platforms, such as Noon Daily.

“We are greatly encouraged by UAE’s reception of ‘unMEAT’, both from end consumers and retail partners.  We will continue to strengthen the business here, working on further expanding our listing in the country. At this point, we aim to learn as much as we can, keeping our ears on the ground and being agile with our growth plans,” said Banzon.

The entire line of ‘unMEAT’ is available in the UAE. The range consists of meat-free burger patties, Hungarian sausages, nuggets, and minced meat. All products are made with 100% plant-based ingredients and are great sources of fiber and protein, and are free of cholesterol, transfat, egg, and dairy. ‘unMEAT’ is priced competitively, with a suggested retail price being around 30% lower than other international brands.

Production of plant-based alternatives likewise requires lower consumption of natural resources, including water, land, and energy, and generates less greenhouse gas emissions compared to that of animal-based meat.

According to Banzon, Century Pacific is also exploring other international markets, focusing on high impact regions where CNPF has a strong distribution network.

“We recognize that the playing field for plant-based alternatives is in the global arena. Locking in retail and food service partnerships is key.  As we expand ‘unMEAT’s footprint internationally, we will also continue to ramp up our efforts in building consumer awareness and generating trial,” he continued.

“Ultimately, our vision is to democratize plant-based alternatives by taking down key barriers on taste and price. This is a key initiative in our pursuit of becoming a more responsible and sustainable company. We hope that through ‘unMEAT’, we are able to build on our legacy of providing affordable nutrition to more consumers not just in the Philippines but across the globe,” Banzon concluded.