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Century Pacific’s homegrown ‘unMEAT’ releases Filipino breakfast range

As part of its efforts to fuel the growth of plant-based alternatives in the Philippines, CNPF launched the ‘unMEAT Filipino Breakfast Range’.

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Century Pacific Food, Inc. (PSE:CNPF), one of the largest food and beverage food companies in the Philippines, announced the release of its latest range of plant-based products under the homegrown pioneer brand, ‘unMEAT’.

As part of its efforts to fuel the growth of plant-based alternatives in the Philippines, CNPF launched the ‘unMEAT Filipino Breakfast Range’. The line includes favorite Filipino breakfast viands such as Tocino (‘pork cutlets), Tapa (beef), and Corned Beef – all made with 100% plant-based ingredients.

Nikki Dizon, Vice President and General Manager of CNPF Refrigerated Foods shared, “The plant-based alternatives category here in the Philippines is still quite nascent. Plant-based food choices are scant in variety, making it difficult for consumers to consistently embrace a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. That’s what we want to address with the launch of our breakfast line.”

Currently available in top e-commerce platforms, unMEAT will soon enter major retail chains in the country.

More recently, CNPF announced a string of new innovations in its plant-based range. Early in the year, the Company unveiled ‘unMEAT Luncheon Meat’ for export – the first plant-based food company in the Philippines to do so. This is now available in Singapore and the UAE. CNPF also released ‘unPIZZA’, an e-commerce exclusive that comes in 3 flavors.

According to Dizon, demand remains robust for the brand both locally and in export markets.

“We have kickstarted our activation in key markets with awareness-generating and trial-inducing programs, which are working in our favor. Consumer response has been very positive thus far,” Dizon continued, “but we need to continue educating consumers and making the shift to plant-based eating more seamless. This entails a play in both retail and food service.”

Thus, CNPF has likewise set forth innovations via institutional partnerships. In 2021, the Company launched affordable plant-based meals in over 1,900 7-Eleven outlets. CNPF also expanded to plant-based dairy alternatives with the introduction of ‘unCHEESE’ through affiliate company, Shakey’s Pizza Asia Ventures, Inc. (PSE:PIZZA). CNPF co-created PIZZA’s first plant-based pizza, the ‘Goood Taco Pizza’, contributing its 100% plant-based meat toppings and dairy-free cheese to the development of the new menu item.

CNPF launched ‘unMEAT’ in 2020 in response to the fast emerging consumer preference for healthier, better-for-you, and better-for-the-planet food choices. The Company aims to democratize plant-based alternatives by taking down key barriers on taste and price, going by the philosophy that eating plant-based should be simple and easy. Thus, unMEAT offerings are made and priced as close as possible to their real meat counterparts.

The Company’s entry in plant-based alternatives also accelerates CNPF’s Sustainability agenda. Production of plant-based alternatives requires lower consumption of natural resources, including water, land, and energy, and generates less greenhouse gas emissions compared to that of animal-based meat.