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2024 Annual
Stockholders Meeting


We Are

Century Pacific Food Inc. (CNPF) is one of the largest branded food companies in the Philippines, addressing a broad customer base – from value for money all the way to the affordably premium. We have a downstream focus with expertise in developing, manufacturing, distributing, and marketing affordably nutritious products.

The bulk of our sales are derived from our own brands, catering primarily to the domestic market. We also have a smaller part of our business that does OEM (Original equipment manufacturer) for the international market.


– Our brands are the brands of choice for the diverse Philippine customer base.

We possess a strong focus on product innovation, and take pride in the research & development behind it.

– Our ingenious marketing campaigns keep our brands iconic, memorable, and timeless.

We have extensive market penetration for our products thanks to one of the widest distribution networks in the Philippines.

We have developed a world-renowned reputation in the manufacturing and development of affordably nutritious products.


We recognize the importance of good governance in successfully creating greater value for stakeholders. We believe that good corporate governance spans across our entire value chain as we continue to fulfill our multiple economic, moral, legal, and social obligations towards our stakeholders.


We have begun the process of laying out a sustainability strategy and its relevant targets and metrics.

The end result will be relevant and actionable key focus areas, initiatives, goals, and metrics for the short to medium term.

We’ve also established a governance system that ensures this sustainability strategy and its relevant targets are addressed and met within the pre-determined timeframe.